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Upgrade SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008

Case Study for Migrating SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. This case study covers installing Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 and migrating user databases. Microsoft supports only upgrading SQL Server 2000 (SP4) and SQL Server 2005 (SP2) databases to SQL Server 2008. Consequently, if you are running any SQL [...]

SQL Server 2008 – Data Collector

The Data Collector is a straightforward system that you can use to continually monitor performance and store this information in a management data warehouse database for historical monitoring and trend analysis. Previously, there was no single integrated tool to collect, store, and view performance data for SQL Server The Data Collector is essentially a set [...]

SQL Server 2008 – Partitioned Table & Parallelism Concept (Video)

SQL Server 2008 has removed the bottleneck of  single-thread per partition over partitioned tables, which was found in SQL Server 2005.  The previous bottleneck  can cause performance problems under certain circumstances: On systems with many CPUs, if the table schema has less partitions than there are CPUs, then not all the CPUs will be used to [...]

SQL Server 2005 – New Patch relaeases

Last week (Jun. 17 – Jun. 23), following 2 new SQL Server 2005 related hot-fix KB articles were released. SQL Server 2005 : 983329 Cumulative update package 10 for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 3. This build of the cumulative update package is also known as build 9.00.4305. 960598 The SQL Server 2005 builds that were [...]

Error 5233 – SQL Server 2008 database

In SQL Server 2008, the Auditing feature has been introduced that allow you to track user and system activity for the enterprise customers. This feature provides the option to detect any unauthorized access attempts, if any, to the SQL Server database. Also, it facilitates a rich and powerful tracking capability to recognize any sensitive configuration [...]

Legal Headline News 6.23.2010

Legal Headline News 6.23.2010

Times Square bomber statement in court Mexican drug cartels threaten Nogales law enforcement Dallas police chief's son kills officer Voters may select Senators from now on

SQL Server 2008 Data Collector – Video Tutorial

SQL Server 2008 provides a data collector that you can use to obtain and save data that is gathered from several sources. The data collector enables you to use data collection containers, which enable you to determine the scope and frequency of data collection on a SQL Server server system. The data collector is a [...]