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Video : How to Install SQL Server 2008

This Video demonstrates How to install a new instance of SQL Server 2008. This covers Overview of Hardware and Software Requirement System Configuration Checker SQL Server Installation Centre SQL Server Components SQL Server Security Step by Step Video Guide to Install SQL Server 2008 Step by Step Video Guide to Install SQL Server 2008 Tags [...]

How to change default value of SELECT or EDIT top rows in SSMS 2008 ?

In SQL Server Management Studio 2008, by default, the rows you can Edit or Select are the top 200 and 1000 respectively. What if you have 500 rows and want to edit the last one that too graphically ? Figure clearly indicates these options with specified number. Solution :  In SQL Server 2008 Management studio, [...]

Find All SQL Servers in your Local Network

Today, somebody asked me, how can I find what all are SQL Server Instances are running in my local network. I was shocked, I thought every DBA must know, what SQL servers are running in your network. This question was being asked by a sys admin guy, who wanted make an inventory list by finding [...]

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 – PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010

Microsoft PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel 2010 is a data analysis tool that offers unmatched efficacy directly into the software that users already know and love: Microsoft ® Excel. You can transform massive amounts of data with incredible speed into meaningful information to get the answers you need in seconds. You can share your findings with [...]

How to convert LiteSpeed backup to a native SQL backup ?

SQL Lite Speed is a well known SQL backup software. At times it is requirement to restore a SQL database on some server where SQL Lite speed is not installed from a backup file, which was created using SQL LIte Speed. This is what I got as an requirement where I need to send a [...]

SQL Server 2008 training in Gurgaon – Sept 13 to Sept 16, 2010

4 days training for SQL Server 2008 for new DBA’s was delivered in Gurgaon by DBATAG for Bank Of America. View Full Album This training was covering the following topics Installing and Configuring SQL Server Managing Databases and Files Disaster Recovery Managing Security Transferring Data Automating Administrative Tasks Implementing Replication Maintaining High Availability Monitoring SQL [...]

"Black Box" in SQL Server 2008

In SQL Server 2008, the Default trace is enabled by default during the installation and this default trace in SQL Server 2008 acts as a Black box for the SQL Server. Hence it is also called as "Black Box" in SQL Server 2008 and  the default trace cannot be stopped by using the Query "Exec sp_trace_setstatus 'Trace_id',0 –0 [...]