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How to Integrate Map with SQL Server Reporting Services – Video

This video explains how to insert a map into a report using SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services. The map utilizes spatial data within a SQL Server database This video demonstrates the following: Create a report using Business Intelligence Design Studio Add a map to the report Define spatial to visual within the report The [...]

SQL Script to Compare SQL Server Settings

How to Compare SQL Server Settings ? This is pretty simple, we can run sp_configure on individual server and can do the comparison manually but what if we can have a script where we just need to supply the servername, that that script will automatically do a comparison and let you know the results. At [...]

How to Install and Configure Master Data Services ?

This video explains how to install the new Master Data Services component included with SQL Server 2008 R2. This video demonstrates the following: Where to find the installation program for MDS How to complete the installation wizard How to configure the MDS database How to configure the MDS website

How to test DR if Mirroring is being used a DR solution?

Testing a DR solution is very critical to ensure DR setup will be available in case there is actual disaster. There is few point that should be considered while planning/ testing a DR site. These points assumes that your organization has already practicing ITIL practices to this points cover some Incident /Change processes as well. [...]

Script to compare object code between two Production and development databases

Question : How to compare SQL Server Development and production boxes (two databases) in terms of object definition like Stored Procedures Triggers Views Function OR SQL Script to indentify databases objects where definition is not same. Solution This is a stored procedure to compare the code of the objects (Stored Procedures , Triggers , Views [...]

SQL Script to List all Linked Server Logins and their properties

During migration, there was an requirement to list down all link Server with respective properties to figure out what all objects will be required in new Server. Thus a Script is required is required, which can list down all linked Servers and associated properties. The properties listed are Server Product  Provider Catalog  Local Login Remote [...]

Optimizing SQL Server for Private Cloud (#8) : Load Balance Virtual Machines

Optimizing SQL Server for Private Cloud (#8) : Load Balance Virtual Machines

The animation videos in this series outline the key steps for optimizing SQL server for your private cloud. These videos will help you understand key concepts and benefits …