AWE for 32 bit SQL Server on windows 64 bit ?

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Do I need to enable AWE in 32 bit SQL Server (for using more than 4 GB) on windows 64 bit ?

NO, there is no way to where we can use use more then 4GB of memory for a 32bit SQL-Server on a 64bit windows OS.

I understand, that we can enable the AWE switch to make the SQL-Server use more then 4GB, but this doesn’t work on a 64bit OS

This sound harsh, but here are facts,

  1. Support for AWE is available only in the SQL Server 2005 Enterprise, Standard, and Developer editions and only applies to 32-bit operating systems
  2. AWE is not supported on 64-bit machines
  3. 232 = 4 GB
  4. 32-bit applications on 64-bit platforms can address up to 2 GB, or up to 4 GB with the /LARGEADDRESSAWARE:YES linker flag.

If you need to make SQL Server to use more than 4GB of memory, switch to 64-bit version of SQL Server.

For More Details on Running SQL Server 32 bit on windows 64 bit, check my other post.

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