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SSIS vs Informatica

I was at four days training of Informatica powercenter . For those, who do not know Informatica PowerCenter, it’s another ETL tool just like SQL Server Integration Services. The latest version in the market is 8.6 but many organizations are still using 8.5.1 version. Lets have few points of comparison: 1) GUI of SQL Server [...]

New Features of SQL Server 2008

Here is the list of top 51 features of SQL Server 2008 which are present in SQL Server 2008 sales Boucher. My objective to cover all new features of SQL Server 2008 with detailed concept delivery with videos. Policy-Based Management Policy-Based Management is a policy-based system for managing one or more instances of SQL Server [...]

SQL Server 2008 Star Join Query Optimization

SQL Server 2008 will offer much more powerful relational data warehousing capabilities than its predecessor. As part of the development effort for the star join optimization in SQL Server 2008, Microsoft performed a number of performance studies based on benchmark and real customer workloads and made a significant enhancement. Star Join Query Optimization is a [...]

SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Standard Feature Compare

The question frequently asked, which features are supported in which editions of SQL Server. The table below provides a high level comparison of the key capabilities between SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Standard: Detailed Feature Comparison SQL Server 2008 Enterprise SQL Server 2008 Standard Scalability & Performance Number of CPUs OS Maximum 4 x32 hardware [...]

SQL Server Business Intelligence Demonstration Video

SQL Server Business Intelligence, have patience, this is long video, initial few minutes might be boring but that builds case study, which is important. This video tell, what a SQL Server Business Intelligence can do to a business.

SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services 2008