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How to upgrade SQL Server? Step by Step Guide – Screen Shots

Microsoft has planned to come up with new version of SQL Server on every 3-5 years time frame. The current release of SQL Server is SQL Server 2012. Upgrading a SQL Server is critical activity which a DBA has perform to continue to get Microsoft support. This weekend, I was performing a SQL Server upgrade [...]

Tivoli Data Protection SQL Server – Restore Database with different name

HOW TO RESTORE SQL Server Database with Different / Alternate NAME from backup created by Tivoli Data Protection (TDP) for Microsoft SQL Server ? Restore a backup from TDP library is pretty easy but you just need to be familiarized with tool to interact with Data Protection for Microsoft SQL Server. To Restore a USER [...]

SQL Server 2012 Cluster Install Error : "SQL Server Database Services feature state"

"SQL Server Database Services feature state". This was the Error Message, which I received this morning during building / Installing a SQL Server 2012 cluster. FIX / Resolution / Workaround : Change registry key on active node: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL11.SQLDEV2012\ConfigurationState] Change all entry values from 2 to 1 Incident happened to me in Detail I [...]

SQL Task to Delete Old Files from Server

As DBA we Schedule everything to automate the system as possible as we can and at times there is a requirement to delete old files from the Server. There are various ways to DELETE OLD FILES FROM SERVER Write a Script (VB / Power shell / BATCH) file to Delete Old LOG / Report files [...]

Deadlock Analysis – READ Deadlock from SQL ERRORLOG

How to read DEADLOCK Information in SQL Server ERRORLOG ? In our previous posts, we learned how to trace dead lock information in SQL Server Errorlog. Once the this information is logged inside SQL Server Logs, then how can we use that information for deadlock analysis. In case you want to build your test scenario [...]

Example of Deadlock | SQL Server Deadlock Script

IS there a way I can stimulate a deadlock in SQL Server, so that I can use that as an example of deadlock Let’s take an example, where we will result / cause a dead lock to SQL Serve? To stimulate the Deadlock, let’s create two tables which we are going to use as an [...]

How to backup SQL table ?

Backup SQL table, have you ever tried to backup a single SQL table inside a database? Let’s see How to backup SQL table | SQL Table Backup Restore DOES SQL Server supports table level backups ? Backup Types are dependent on SQL Server Recovery Model. Every recovery model lets you back up whole or partial [...]