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SQL Task to Delete Old Files from Server

As DBA we Schedule everything to automate the system as possible as we can and at times there is a requirement to delete old files from the Server. There are various ways to DELETE OLD FILES FROM SERVER Write a Script (VB / Power shell / BATCH) file to Delete Old LOG / Report files [...]

How to backup SQL table ?

Backup SQL table, have you ever tried to backup a single SQL table inside a database? Let’s see How to backup SQL table | SQL Table Backup Restore DOES SQL Server supports table level backups ? Backup Types are dependent on SQL Server Recovery Model. Every recovery model lets you back up whole or partial [...]

SQL 2008 Restore Database

STEP by STEP GUIDE for SQL 2008 Restore Database from a FULL BACKUP | Differential backup | Transaction Log Backup and Point in Time Restore For better understanding, let’s assume, we have following backup files, where we have FULL backups , Differential backups and Transaction LOG backups. DAY Date Type Of Backup Sunday 2012-02-12 Full [...]


SQL Server Database Log File has grown exponentially over a period of time and now causing DISK space issue, how to reduce | Shrink Log file SQL Database (.ldf) size? Steps to truncating log files and shrinking your database Get logical / physical name of your database log file (LDF) Truncate LOG File Shrink LOG [...]

USE Database Recovery Advisory | TIMELINE Restore SQL Server

What is Database Recovery Advisor ? Database Recovery Advisor is newly introduced in SQL Server 2012 which simplifies database restore operations and allows administrators to quickly and easily restore database to a point in time from an existing backup set using a visual timeline of the backup chain. In short, Database Recovery Advisor is Graphical [...]

How to Monitor SQL Server Backups ?

In my last post, “10 SQL Server Disaster Recovery Solutions”  I discussed about 10 solutions which were available for SQL Server and discussed about SQL Server Database backup which most basic form of disaster recovery for SQL Server and one that was being practiced in every situation. If SQL Server database backups are too much [...]

10 SQL Server Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is SQL Server Disaster? Disaster is an event that makes continuation of normal functions impossible. In business terms, any incident which result affects business or stops business transactions is a disaster for example Orders can not be placed, think about Amazon where every business transaction is online and customer is unable to place an [...]