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50 Database Optimization TIPS

Database Optimization TIPS helps any system to perform work efficiently and quickly. SQL Server Performance tuning is very wide subject and there are a lot of different pieces to troubleshoot a poor performing application. Connectivity / Network Server Hardware Operating System SQL Server Database Query The basic principle of Optimization / Tuning is Profile First [...]

Indexes on SQL Server 2008

This topic, will let you know the very basic knowledge of Indexes in SQL server 2008. Lets begin.. and this small blog can be very useful to your SQL knowledge: There are 8 types of SQL Server indexes in 2008: a) Clustered b) Non Clustered c) Unique d) indexes with included column e) Full Text [...]

Introduction to Indexes in SQL Server – Beginner

We all understands that Indexes helps SQL Server to retrieve the data. Let’s a brief introduction to SQL Server Indexes. This Video Tutorial is going to help us in understanding The fundamentals and purpose of indexes What are data pages? What if a table has no indexes?