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250+ SQL Queries Interview Question Answers

SQL Interview Queries Question / Questions Answers This is a never ending topic and there is no limit to questions that all depends on profile and interviewer. I am trying my level best to divide questionnaire based on Experience in Query Writing skills 5+ Years of Experience (Expert) 2-5 Years of Experience (Intermediate) 1-2 Years [...]

How to backup SQL table ?

Backup SQL table, have you ever tried to backup a single SQL table inside a database? Let’s see How to backup SQL table | SQL Table Backup Restore DOES SQL Server supports table level backups ? Backup Types are dependent on SQL Server Recovery Model. Every recovery model lets you back up whole or partial [...]

SQL Server Recovery Model affect Performance ?

What is SQL Server Recovery model ? SQL Server Database recovery models allow you to specify the way SQL Server manages transactions and how much data can be recovered in case of disaster. There are three type of recovery models are available in SQL Server and each of these models represents a different approach to [...]

101 SQL Server Reporting Services Interview Questions with Answers

In this post, I am going to walk you thru SQL Server Reporting Services Interview Questions from GENERAL | BASICS | Introduction DBA (Production Support) Prospective DBA + Developer Common Questions Developer (Report Designer) Prospective Solution Architect prospective IT Manager prospective GENERAL Questions – SSRS Interview Questions What is SQL Server Reporting Services? Reporting Services [...]

Why to use Temporary table over table variable ?

What are temporary Tables ? Temporary tables are a useful tool in SQL Server provided to allow for short term use of data. These are like other User table where we can store data but only for temporary purpose. These temporary tables data, structure and related objects like Indexes keys etc are automatically gets drop [...]

Summary Shot for SQL Server on MSDN and Microsoft Forum

Recently SQL Server Forum Support Team has published a book, there are totally about 101 items covering database administration, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS which are good references for you to handle common SQL Server problems. Rather I would say this is summary shot for DBA’s made and build by other DBA’s on MSDN and TechNet [...]

SQL Interview Questions

We are here not to see simple theoretical interview questions, it’s the time to be practical… lets go thru few practical questions which can, only be solved, once you have clear understanding of theory… Question 1) DECLARE @TestVariable2 AS VARCHAR(50) DECLARE @NextTestVariable2 AS CHAR(50) SET @TestVariable2 = CONVERT(VARCHAR,’abc’) SET @NextTestVariable2 = CONVERT(CHAR,’abc’) SELECT DATALENGTH(@TestVariable2),        [...]