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syspolicy_purge_history Job – Should I delete this ?

I have not created this job named "syspolicy_purge_history", who created / own this job ? This job is created automatically when on SQL Server 2008 Policy Management is enabled. Policy Management is a new feature introduced on SQL Server 2008 onwards. What tables are being used to store Policy Management  evaluation results? Once the Policy [...]

How to hack website via sql injection attack Video

What is SQL Injection? The ability to inject SQL commands into the database engine through an existing application is termed as SQL Injection Attack. SQL injection is a type of security exploit in which the attacker adds SQL statements through a web application’s input fields or hidden parameters to gain access to resources or make [...]

How to Create Server Roles in SQL Server ?

Can we create user defined Server Roles in SQL Server ? YES, we can create SQL Server Roles in SQL Server (2011) Denali onwards. Starting from SQL Server Denali you can create user-defined server roles and add server-level permissions to the user-defined server roles. We can not create  user defined roles in any prior release [...]

Understanding SQL Server, Server Permissions – What and how to assign these permissions

SQL Server Permission : ADMINISTER BULK OPERATIONS Allows or Denies the ability to execute BULK INSERT commands. However, INSERT permissions must exist for the login with respect to the table being loaded. In addition, ALTER TABLE permissions may also be required. The bulkadmin fixed server role is granted this permission implicitly. Related Article : How [...]

What are the New Permissions added in SQL Server 2011 (Denali)

Following are the New Permissions added in SQL Server Denali. Alter any availability group Alter any Server Role Create availability Group Create Server Role Alter any availability group : User assigned with permission will be alter/modify to create availability groups for high availability. Alter any Server Role : User assigned with permission will be able [...]