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SQL Task to Delete Old Files from Server

As DBA we Schedule everything to automate the system as possible as we can and at times there is a requirement to delete old files from the Server. There are various ways to DELETE OLD FILES FROM SERVER Write a Script (VB / Power shell / BATCH) file to Delete Old LOG / Report files [...]

How to TEST SQL Server Storage drives ?

How will you check, how your SQL Server Drives are performing ? What is the throughput of the Disk Drive / Storage where your Database file resides ? What is SQL Server Storage speed ? is that fast on write operations or fast or read operations ? All this questions can be easily answered by [...]

Physical SQL Server Hardware Configuration Planning Questionnaire

A DBA, need to consider the following point in mind, prior to fix Server Hardware Configuration. 1. Is this database designed for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) or for a decision support system (DSS)? OLTP DSS OLTP and DSS both 2. Select a server platform for your database a. Dell Power edge b. Compaq c. Open [...]

Can I run SQL Server 2005 32 bit on a Windows Server 64 bit ?

YES, we can run SQL Server 32 bit on windows server 64 bit platforms. Will there be any changes required in SQL Server Configuration or application to run SQL Server 32 bit on a Windows Server 64 bit ? NO, no changes are required to run SQL Server 32 bit on a Windows Server 64 [...]

How to Configure Antivirus on SQL Server ?

Exclude the following files and directories from virus scanning on Dedicated SQL Servers SQL Server Database Engine Exclude the following files and directories from virus scanning SQL Server data files ( i.e *.mdf, *.ldf, *.ndf) SQL Server backup files (*.bak,*.trn, *.dif) Full-Text catalog files Page files on the windows system SQL Server Analysis Services then [...]

AWE for 32 bit SQL Server on windows 64 bit ?

Do I need to enable AWE in 32 bit SQL Server (for using more than 4 GB) on windows 64 bit ? NO, there is no way to where we can use use more then 4GB of memory for a 32bit SQL-Server on a 64bit windows OS. I understand, that we can enable the AWE [...]

SQL Server 2005 memory configuration

Some notes on memory configuration management for SQL server 2005 (32bit and 64bit). These are  guidelines, always perform an exhaustive analysis prior to making configuration changes. 32 BIT SQL Server 2005 Switches can be added to the Boot.ini file – first , some terminology. /PAE – this switch allows OS to access physical memory beyond [...]