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Best Practices / Performance Guide for SQL Server Analysis Services

During the training session, One of my training participant has asked me an Question during a beak time that "What are the Best Practices we have SQL Server Analysis Services to get optimized Performance ?" Here is a quick handy Performance Guide for SQL Server Analysis Services, this white paper organizes performance tuning techniques into [...]

SQL SCRIPT to identify Bottleneck / Diagnostic Information Queries

I was thinking for building a consolidated Script to to identify performance bottlenecks, where I wanted to looks at following information : SQL and OS Version information for current instance Hardware information System Manufacturer and model number and processor description SQL Server configuration File Names and Paths for TempDB and all user databases Recovery model, [...]

Script to Identify worst Performing Queries

Being a DBA, to optimize a performance, a DBA need to know What are most most frequently executed queries on your system. What are the Queries / Statements which which makes system real busy. What are the top worst performed queries How much IO is being caused by a particular query What is the CPU [...]

Strategy to Improve SQL Server Performance

What Steps / Strategy we should opt to Improve SQL Server Performance ? Increasing SQL Server Performance being expected by every DBA. Performance can not be increased just by running perfmon , task manager or running profile. We should have straight forward steps to increase SQL Server Performance. The Steps to Improve SQL Server Performance [...]

How to check Database Statistics are optimized for Performance ?

What is Statistics in SQL Server ? Statistics helps Query Optimizer to makes a decision to choose the fast good (best) way to execute a given query. Statistics decides, whether to choose  a particular index or not and build the execution plan. So if your stats are not updated then Optimizer might not choose the [...]

How to TEST SQL Server Storage drives ?

How will you check, how your SQL Server Drives are performing ? What is the throughput of the Disk Drive / Storage where your Database file resides ? What is SQL Server Storage speed ? is that fast on write operations or fast or read operations ? All this questions can be easily answered by [...]

What Performance counters will you use to set up SQL Server baseline ?

What Performance counters will you use to set up SQL Server baseline ? Setting up SQL Server baseline is primary objective for every DBA. This baseline will be key during troubleshooting performance issues. A DBA should setup up a server base by using the following performance counters. S. No Counter Name Description 1 Memory\Available Bytes [...]