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SQL Task to Delete Old Files from Server

As DBA we Schedule everything to automate the system as possible as we can and at times there is a requirement to delete old files from the Server. There are various ways to DELETE OLD FILES FROM SERVER Write a Script (VB / Power shell / BATCH) file to Delete Old LOG / Report files [...]

How to backup SQL table ?

Backup SQL table, have you ever tried to backup a single SQL table inside a database? Let’s see How to backup SQL table | SQL Table Backup Restore DOES SQL Server supports table level backups ? Backup Types are dependent on SQL Server Recovery Model. Every recovery model lets you back up whole or partial [...]

50 Database Optimization TIPS

Database Optimization TIPS helps any system to perform work efficiently and quickly. SQL Server Performance tuning is very wide subject and there are a lot of different pieces to troubleshoot a poor performing application. Connectivity / Network Server Hardware Operating System SQL Server Database Query The basic principle of Optimization / Tuning is Profile First [...]

Sample SQL Server database for 2012 Adventure Works Download

As I said, my virtual environment was expired so I need to rebuild that all over again. So here is STEP BY STEP Guide for Downloading and Attaching SQL Server 2012 Sample Database STEP 1 – DOWNLOAD AdventureWorks2008R2 Data File  **This is approx 188 MB of file might take couple of second STEP 2 – [...]

10 SQL Server Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is SQL Server Disaster? Disaster is an event that makes continuation of normal functions impossible. In business terms, any incident which result affects business or stops business transactions is a disaster for example Orders can not be placed, think about Amazon where every business transaction is online and customer is unable to place an [...]

How to Restore only Corrupted pages from a database backup ? VIDEO

How to Shorten the recovery time in case of database corruption? PAGE Level database restore is new feature which was introduced in SQL Server 2008 onwards. This is a new feature in SQL Server 2008, where we can restore only some corrupted pages from a good database backup. For example you have a 100 Gb [...]

SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) is slow

My SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) takes approx. 2-3 minutes to open, is there any way to speed that up? YES, we can speed up the opening time for SQL Server Management studio by taking some preventive actions. When ever we open a SQL Server Management Studio, if performs the following actions Initiate a windows [...]