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How to use SSIS Log Analyzer tool ? (Video)

While Optimizing SSIS packages, analyzing package log is really a pain as these log files are flat files and long so I lost focuses while reviewing. I was looking for a smart tool to analyze the my SSIS logs and figured out this utility (SSIS Log Analyzer) , which is freely available at Microsoft. This [...]

How to TEST SQL Server Storage drives ?

How will you check, how your SQL Server Drives are performing ? What is the throughput of the Disk Drive / Storage where your Database file resides ? What is SQL Server Storage speed ? is that fast on write operations or fast or read operations ? All this questions can be easily answered by [...]

SQL Server Developer Tool "Juneau" ???

"Juneau" is going to be a high productivity development environment for SQL Server, SQL AZURE and Business Intelligence. By using this new tool "Juneau", developers will be able to do Connected and Offline database developments. Juneau is not product name, this a code name like Denali. "Juneau" is not yet released this is still product [...]

Find All SQL Servers in your Local Network

Today, somebody asked me, how can I find what all are SQL Server Instances are running in my local network. I was shocked, I thought every DBA must know, what SQL servers are running in your network. This question was being asked by a sys admin guy, who wanted make an inventory list by finding [...]

Idera’s new release for backup and recovery solutions

Idera, a leading provider of Microsoft SQL Server management and administration tools, today (August 2, 2010) announced the latest version of its SQL Server backup and recovery solutions: SQL safe™ 6.4, SQL safe lite™ 6.4 and SQL virtual database™ 1.4. The latest version also enables DBAs to increase productivity by: Managing an organization’s entire network [...]

SQL Server Monitoring tool – Performance Advisor for SQL Server

I was looking for a some good graphical monitoring tool for SQL Server.  I am totally amazed to see the features available in SQL Server Sentry “Performance Advisor for SQL Server”. This is amazed software, I suggest all guys to test at least the trail version once. Monitors and displays the most important Microsoft Windows [...]

Physical Layout of Tables and Indexes – Graphical View

Internals Viewer is a tool for looking into the SQL Server storage engine and seeing how data is physically allocated, organized and stored. All sorts of tasks performed by a DBA or developer can benefit greatly from knowledge of what the storage engine is doing and how it works Features Integration with SSMS (SQL Server [...]