Do you know what is Enhanced in Denali for HIGH Availability ?

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I received a lot of questions, on this topic. I have already posted various blogs in the past. Let me put all those collection in One GO.

  1. What is HARDON, let me understand Concept.  Download a Presentation to understand this better. This Presentation, will answer following topics
    1. Introduction to SQL Server AlwaysON
    2. Overview of AlwaysOn Availability Group
    3. Availability Group Setup and Architecture
    4. Availability Group Client Failover
    5. Readable Secondary – Enhancement of mirroring
    6. AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instance
    7. Multi Site Clustering
    8. Flexible Failover Policies
  2. Still Unsure, What this is and how this works, Check Here with Details .
  3. What is the Infrastructure Required To test the HADR / High Availability Group ? Wanted to build of you know, but not sure what are the hardware and software requirement for this, Check this out.
  4. How to Implement HADR (a high-availability and disaster recovery solution) in SQL Server ? Step by Step Guide with screenshots
  5. In Short, What are the Features of HADRON in SQL Server DENALI (2011) ?

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