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Learn SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 with Interactive Videos. [Read More]

51 New Features of SQL Server 2008

top 51 features of SQL Server 2008 which are present in SQL Server 2008 sales Boucher. [Read More]

Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 R2 comes up with a number of new services, including PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint, Master Data Services, StreamInsight, ReportBuilder 3.0, Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint, a Data-tier function in Visual Studio that enables packaging of tiered databases as part of an application, and a SQL Server Utility that manages multiple SQL … [Read More]

Video : How to Setup Replication with SQL Server 2008 ?

This Article includes Videos, which describes, how to set up Peer to Peer Replication, Transactional Replication and Snapshot replication.

VLF (Virtual Log File) – SQL Server Data Log Performance

VLF, Virtual Log File are logical transaction log files which are internally managed by SQL Server. A physical database transaction logs files is divided into multiple virtual log files to manage the WIP transactions [ReadMore]

How to Optimize tempdb ?

Optimizing a tempdb is really a big challenge. If you wanted to optimize your tempdb, view the  Excellent presentation, which  was created by the Mr. Brad McGehee, a SQL Server master [Read More]

List of SQL Server Versions - SQL Server Version List since it’s evolution

SQL Server 2008 Resource Governor

Resource Governor is a feature that you can use to manage SQL Server workload and system resource consumption. Resource Governor enables you to limit the amount of CPU and memory that incoming application requests can use.  [Read More]

SQL Server – HIPAA , SOX , PCI compliance

SQL Server Database must be compliant with HIPAA , SOX and  PCI as per government rules. Following are basic guideline, which should be considered by DBA on any environment. [Read More]

SQL Server – PowerShell

PowerShell provides the ability to produce feature-rich tools that allow you to administer servers and improve the functionality within SQL Server and the ability to build robust administration scripts. [Read More]

SQL Server 2008 – Policy-Based Management

Policy–based management is an approach to database administration based on policies and not tasks. With policy-based management, you can determine the policies, restrictions, and behaviors the SQL Servers in your organization will enforce.  [Read More]

SQL Server 2008 – Enterprise Data Platform

Enterprise Data Platform is a framework in SQL Server which offers

  • Secure, trusted platform for your data
  • Optimized and predictable system performance
  • Productive policy-based management of your infrastructure  [Read More]

Performance-Tuning SQL Server & Identifying Bottlenecks

Database server performance becomes increasingly important as time goes on and businesses grow, making databases larger and busier. For these reasons and others, doing a performance checkup and tuning database servers is essential to the organization’s operations. [Read More]