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Now you can learn in non-interactive  (published Video Tutorials) mode too. SQL Server Video tutorials are available online that too free.

Video : How to Setup Replication with SQL Server 2008 ?

This Article includes Videos, which describes, how to set up Peer to Peer Replication, Transactional Replication and Snapshot replication.

Central Management SQL Server – Multi Server Query

SQL Server 2008 SSMS introduces a new feature, Multiple Server Query Execution, in Query Editor. This feature intends to increase the productivity of running same query against multiple servers at once. Using this functionality, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) DBAs can now query multiple servers from one window. To use this functionality you must have [...]

Backup Compression – SQL Server 2008 (Video Tutorial)

Backup compression was introduced in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise, which reduces the size of backups and the time that it takes to create them. Using backup compression is a simple process. Transact-SQL—WITH COMPRESSION in the BACKUP statement, BACKUP DATABASE AdventureWorks2008 TO DISK = ‘C:\AWBackupCompressed.bak’ WITH COMPRESSION By default, no backups are compressed. You can change [...]

SQL Server 2008 – Partitioned Table & Parallelism Concept (Video)

SQL Server 2008 has removed the bottleneck of  single-thread per partition over partitioned tables, which was found in SQL Server 2005.  The previous bottleneck  can cause performance problems under certain circumstances: On systems with many CPUs, if the table schema has less partitions than there are CPUs, then not all the CPUs will be used to [...]

How to Set up Database Mirroring in SQL Server 2008 (Video)

Database mirroring is an alternative high-availability solution to failover clustering in SQL Server Enterprise. Database mirroring supports automatic failover, but does not require cluster-capable hardware, and can therefore provide a cost-effective alternative to failover clustering. This article is not focused on to make you understand Database Mirroring Concept, rather this focuses on How to implement [...]

SQL Server 2008 MERGE Statement (Video Tutorial)

MERGE is a new DML statement in SQL Server 2008. MERGE allows you to perform simultaneous UPDATE, INSERT and/or DELETE operations on one table. There are new physical operators that combine these operations so that they can be performed in a single scan rather than multiple scans. Microsoft have implemented the ISO SQL 2003 and [...]

Data Profiling – SQL Server 2008 (Video Tutorials)

Data Profiling is being supported by SQL Server 2008 for SQL Server data. You use the Data Profiling task to configure the profiles that you want to compute and then run the SSIS package that contains the task. The task creates results in XML format, which you can then review in the Data Profile Viewer. [...]

GROUPING SETS – SQL Server 2008 (Video Tutorial)

You can use the GROUPING SETS extension of the GROUP BY clause to specify multiple groupings of data in one query. It generates the same result set that you would obtain by using the UNION ALL clause, but in a more efficient way. You can use GROUPING SETS to simplify complex aggregation queries into one [...]

Database Mail – SQL Server 2008 (Video Tutorial)

Database Mail is a SQL Server feature that can be configured to automatically send an email in response to an event. Database Mail uses an SMTP server. To enable and configure Database Mail accounts and profiles use the Database Mail Configuration Wizard. SQL Server Agent caches the profile information for the specified profile. This allows [...]

Change Data Capture (CDC) – SQL Server 2008 Video

Change Data Capture (CDC)  is a new feature of the database engine in SQL Server 2008. It enables you to capture insert, update, and delete commands that are executed against one or more tables in a database. The changes that are made to a table are stored in a relational format, making them easy to [...]

SQL Server 2008 Star Join Query Optimization

As part of the development effort for the star join optimization in SQL Server 2008, Microsoft performed a number of performance studies based on benchmark and real customer workloads and made a significant enhancement. Star Join Query Optimization is a [...]

SQL Server 2008 Data Collector – Video Tutorial

SQL Server 2008 provides a data collector that you can use to obtain and save data that is gathered from several sources. The data collector enables you to use data collection containers, which enable you to determine the scope and frequency of data collection on a SQL Server server system. The data collector is a [...]

SQL Azure Database – Video Tutorial

SQL Azure Database is a cloud-based database service that offers developer agility, application flexibility, and virtually unlimited scalability, with a flexible, cost-effective delivery model. The robust underlying architecture provides reliability, high availability, and security. In short, SQL Azure is simply a Microsoft branding change. SQL Services and SQL Data Services are now known as Microsoft [...]

SQL Server Business Intelligence Demonstration Video

SQL Server Business Intelligence, have patience, this is long video, initial few minutes might be boring but that builds case study, which is important. This video tell, what a SQL Server Business Intelligence can do to a business.

SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

Introduction to SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

Installing SQL Server 2008 Video Tutorial

Installing SQL Server 2008 Video Tutorial

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