HADR Demo Questions

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Question: Is the High Performance replica mode available in Denali Standard or is that an Enterprise feature?

Answer: Enterprise Edition and higher editions only

Question: Why say all on connections if secondary only allows read and the setting is only for secondary?

Answer: The option allows any legacy applications to connect without changing the connection string. So if you have an existing read only application you can simply connect to a secondary and we will let the connection come through and you can utilize the secondary. But when you specify readintent option on the server the server rejects the login from any application that havent specified the readintent property in the connection string. Regarding the naming of the option i will take the feedback and see if that is the right option name in the UI

Question: If High Performance mode is required for autofailover, then you won’t satisfy the zero data loss requirement, will you? Is this new in Denali? I don’t recall this being required for SQL 2008.

Answer: High performance correlates to asynchronous mode. You cannot get automatic failover in asynchronous mode. To satisfy 0 data loss requirements you have two options. In Lara’s example Srv2 and Srv 3 were selected as automatic failover partner. In this case you have synchronous data movement between 2 and 3 (0 data loss) and you also get automatic failover between them. With Availability group now you have the option to have two synchronous secondaries. Lara didnt demo this but i can pick one of the other secondaries to be in "High Safety" mode and you will have another secondary that is in sychronous mode ( so now with Denali you can have 2 instances that provide you with 9 data loss protection)..We will change the option names when we RTM to make this more clear..

Question: The demo is using one of the nodes of Windows cluster for file share. What happens if this node is down and database needs to failover

Answer: Availability Group relies on windows quorum model to manage the quorum. In this case Lara just used node majoriy quorum. But you are correct that the cluster will lose quorum if two of the machine go down, Please see the following article which describes the correct quorum configuration to use. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731739.aspx. What we recommed is to use node majority+file share if there are even number of nodes

Question: is it all we need is the servers on the same domain for this process to be set up in general?

Answer: correct.

Question: The Windows Cluster that was set up in the demo. Is there any different configuration for a Windows cluster with Nodes in Multiple locations. Do Window’s clusters require any special hardware the way Geographically dispersed clusters for SQL do?

Answer: No windows support milt-site clustering and also across multiple subnets. Only requirement is that the server need to be in the same domain

Question: What OS level permissions are needed to create the AG?

Answer: Please see this documentation. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731002(WS.10).aspx. Specifically you need Create Computer Objects and read all properties

Question: Does backup information travel with the database as it is failed over?

Answer: Yes we ,maintain the backup chain across all servers

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