How to become “A Professional DBA”

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Database Administration is very hot topic these days, specially Data ware house, Business Intelligence and Database Administration. Looking at analysis and reports by hosted by, people are making money by building and deploying these skill sets.

One of my friend, got a job paying $160,000 a year in California and one my college recently joined a company at a CTC of 27 lakh INR, yes Twenty Seven lakh a year.

Does these figure motivates you to acquire these skill sets, definitely yes, being a technical, these are quite good figures specially with experience between 7-12 years.

Now Question arises, How should I become a professional DBA ?

Here is step by step guide to become a DBA

  1. Get in touch with experienced DBA’s and interact with them more openly and Offenly
  2. Get a Training from reliable and expert sources.
  3. Get a professional level certification.
  4. Update and rebuild your resume.
  5. Prepare for Interview by reading some Interview Questions
  6. Have patience, because you might not get a offer on your first interview,believe me, I took approximately 13 months and 17 interviews to get a first job as a DBA. (13 & 17 special numbers)
  7. During your interview time, continuously read articles, subscribe newsletters, join Microsoft forums for  solving other’s problem
  8. Accept and Join a company where you have more DBA, do not accept a first DBA job with individual contributor role, this will enhanced and polish your skill set.
  9. Start working as DBA
  10. Practicing DBA Tasks and keep continue to interact with other DBA’s

Thanks, Andy, while interacting with you, I see a requirement for posting this small write up.

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