How to convert LiteSpeed backup to a native SQL backup ?

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SQL Lite Speed is a well known SQL backup software. At times it is requirement to restore a SQL database on some server where SQL Lite speed is not installed from a backup file, which was created using SQL LIte Speed. This is what I got as an requirement where I need to send a SQL Server backup file which was created a month back to a different business unit, where SQL Lite speed was not used.

Now there is requirement for converting a  SQL LiteSpeed backup file to a native SQL backup file.

I knew that there was a utility called Extractor for LiteSpeed which can convert the LiteSpeed backups into native SQL backups.


-F|–BackupFile {path}        Path of the backup or restore file devices

-N|–BackupIndex  {n}       File number (If multiple backups appended within BackupFile(s))

-E|–MTFFile {path}            Path of the Microsoft Tape Format file(s) to be written.  Specify either one or the correct number of files.  If only one file is named, set will be created with index suffixes. If no files listed, Extractor will print number of MTF files to be written.

-K|–Key {key}                 String used to decrypt database backup file(s) Only required if backup is encrypted.
-I|–Overwrite                   Overwrite MTFFile(s). Equivalent of INIT in native SQLServer backups

-L|–LogLevel {n}              Logging option


 Extractor.exe -FC:\LiteSpeedTran.BKP -EC:\NativeBackup.BKP -N1

NOTE: To use Extractor utility, you do not need LiteSpeed to be installed on the box. (But the licensing policies and EULA still apply if you are using Extractor)

How to get backup header information for LiteSpeed backups

If you have LiteSpeed installed on your box, then you can executed the following XSP command to get a RESTORE HEADERONLY output for a LiteSpeed backup file. This will give a similar output that the T-SQL command RESTORE HEADERONLY provides:

 exec master.dbo.xp_restore_headeronly @filename =  'C:\LiteSpeedTran.BKP'

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