How to Create Database in SQL Server – Video

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Q : How to Create Database in SQL Server ?

Creation of database in SQL Server is pretty, specially using SQL Server Management Studio. We create a database easily by performing following steps.

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. In Object Explorer, connect to an instance of the SQL Server Database Engine and then expand that instance.
  3. Right-click Databases, and then click New Database.
  4. In New Database, enter a database name.
  5. To create the database by accepting all default values, click OK;

VIDEO Tutorial for How to Create Database in SQL Server


What are point, which a DBA need to keep in mind prior to create a database

Before creating a database, there are several things that must be taken into consideration.

  • Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) relational databases typically have several users performing transactions at the same time and changing real-time data, so you must determine the likely access patterns of the data and plan to combine frequently accessed data together.
  • Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) databases require you to take into account the cubes, measures and measure groups, dimensions, attributes, and hierarchies, as well as the perspectives and translations required by your organization.
  • Collation settings, which include character set, sort order, and other locale specific settings, are fundamental to the structure and function of Microsoft SQL Server databases. When you select a collation for your server or database you are assigning certain characteristics to your data that will affect the results of many operations in your database.
  • When you design a database, you must first decide the tables that it needs, the type of data that goes in each table, and the users that can access each table.


What are other other options, which I can set during database creation.

There are lot of options properties / options you can set during database creation. But following are the major one, which you might want to look at

In New Database creation window, you can opt for following options

  • To change the owner name, click () to select another owner.
  • To change the default values of the primary data and transaction log files, in the Database files grid, click the appropriate cell and enter the new value.
  • To change the collation of the database, select the Options page, and then select a collation from the list.
  • To change the recovery model, select the Options page and select a recovery model from the list.
  • To change database options, select the Options page, and then modify the database options, see Setting Database Options.
  • To add a new filegroup, click the Filegroups page. Click Add and then enter the values for the filegroup.
  • To add an extended property to the database, select the Extended Properties page.
    • In the Name column, enter a name for the extended property.
    • In the Value column, enter the extended property text. For example, one or more statements that describe the database.
  • To create the database, click OK.
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