How to Optimize tempdb ?

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TEMPDB, is the temporary database that is being used by SQL Server to store temporary data or temporary work.

TEMPDB stores

  • Local and global temporary tables and indexes
  • Table variables
  • User-defined tables and indexes
  • Work tables for processing static or keyset cursors
  • Work files needed for many GROUP BY, ORDER BY, UNION, SORT, and SELECT DISTINCT operations
  • Work tables for DBCC CHECKDB and DBCC CHECKTABLE and much more things…

If you wanted to know :

  • What is Stored in tempdb ?
  • A more about tempdb Internals
  • How to Monitor tempdb
  • How to Optimize tempdb
  • tempdb Space Allocation
  • What sort of problem you may have with tempdb
  • How to Monitoring tempdb Space
  • Tips for Optimizing tempdb
  • How Many Physical Files Should tempdb Have ?
  • How to Move tempdb ?

Please download the attached excellent presentation, which  was created by the Mr. Brad McGehee, a SQL Server master, from  sql

Optimizing tempdb Performance

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