Indexes on SQL Server 2008

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This topic, will let you know the very basic knowledge of Indexes in SQL server 2008. Lets begin.. and this small blog can be very useful to your SQL knowledge:

There are 8 types of SQL Server indexes in 2008:

a) Clustered

b) Non Clustered

c) Unique

d) indexes with included column

e) Full Text

f) Spatial

g) Filtered

h) XML

We have four different index structures on which above mentioned packages depend:

a) B- Tree -> Indexes depending on this structure are Clustered, Non-Clustered, Unique, non clustered with included, indexed views, spatial, filtered index

b) Token based functional Index -> Indexes depending on this structure are Full Text indexes

c) Internal Tables (node tables) -> Indexes depending on this structure are XML Primary Index

d) B+- Structure ->Indexes depending on this structure are XML Indexes

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