New Features of SQL Server 2008

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SQL Server 2008 Top New Features

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1)       Enterprise Data Platform

2)       Policy-Based Management

3)       Performance Data Collection (Data Collector)

4)       Data Compression

5)       Resource Governor

6)       Transparent Data Encryption

7)       (Encryption Without Keys)

8)       External Key Management / Extensible Key Management

9)       Data Auditing

10)   SQL Server 2008 Auditing

11)   SQL Server Audit Action Groups and Actions

12)   Hot-Add CPUs and Hot-Add Memory

13)   Managing memory for large databases

14)   Cluster installation issues and troubleshooting new setup logs

15)   Server Group Management

16)   SQL Server Policy-Based Management

17)   Upgrade Advisor

18)   Partition Aligned Indexed Views

19)   Backup Compression

20)   Extended Events

21)   New MERGE Operator

22)   New Data Types in SQL Server 2008( Date,Time,DatetimeOffset,DateTime2)

23)   Grouping Sets

24)   CLR Improvements

25)   Clustered Index Merge Show plan Operator

26)   SQL Server 2008 – Merge Capability

27)   Using MERGE in Integration Services Packages

28)   MERGE (Transact-SQL)

29)   Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data by Using MERGE

30)   Optimizing MERGE Statement Performance

31)   Change Data Capture

a)       Change Data Capture Tables (Transact-SQL)

b)       Change Data Capture Stored Procedures (Transact-SQL)

c)        Change Data Capture functions (Transact-SQL)

d)       Change Data Capture SQL Server 2008

32)   Conflict Detection in Peer-to-Peer Replication

33)   Service Broker

34)   Sparse Columns

35)    Filtered Indexes

36)   Integrated Full-Text Search


38)   Large User-Defined Types (UDTs)

39)   Large User-Defined Aggregates (UDAs)

40)   Improved XML Support

41)   Fixed Query Plan Guides (Plan Freezing)

a)       Understanding Plan Guides

b)       Designing and implementing plan guides

c)        How to: Create a Plan Guide (SQL Server Management Studio)

d)       New Plan Guide

e)       Plan Guide Properties

f)        Freeze query plans on previous versions of SQL Server during upgrade to SQL Server 2008 to help ensure a predictable state of operation

g)       Ensure that query plans are retained when servers are upgraded

h)       Star Join Query Optimization

42)   SQL Server Reporting Services

a)       Getting Started

b)       Evaluate Reporting Services

c)        Simplified administration and access to reports

d)       Deploying Reports without IIS

43)   Partitioned Table Parallelism

44)   Getting optimal performance with Integration Services Lookups

a)       Helpful information and examples on how to use SQL Server Integration Services.

b)       Upgrading Lookup Transformations

c)        Integration Services Development Enhancements

d)       Improved performance for lookup transformations

e)       More efficient use of memory resources

45)   Powerful New Business Intelligence Capabilities Join SQL Server 2008

46)   Data Profiling – SSIS

a)       Column Pattern Profile Request Options (Data Profiling Task)

b)       Profiling Data with the Data Profiling Task and Viewer

c)        How to: Use the Data Profiling Task (SQL Server Video)

d)       Data Profiling Task

e)       Proactive approach to eliminating data quality issues

47)   Backwards compatible, supports data stored in SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 2005, and SQL Server 2008 databases.

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