New SQL Server DMV and DMF, which are added in SQL Server 2008

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There are lot of new Dynamic Management Views and Dynamic Management Functions are added in SQL Server 2008. Approximately 47 new are got added.

Here is the complete list of DMV’s and DMF’s which are added in SQL Server 2008.

DMV/DMF Name 2005 2008
dm_audit_actions X
dm_audit_class_type_map X
dm_broker_activated_tasks X X
dm_broker_connections X X
dm_broker_forwarded_messages X X
dm_broker_queue_monitors X X
dm_cdc_errors X
dm_cdc_log_scan_sessions X
dm_clr_appdomains X X
dm_clr_loaded_assemblies X X
dm_clr_properties X X
dm_clr_tasks X X
dm_cryptographic_provider_properties X
dm_cryptographic_provider_algorithms X
dm_cryptographic_provider_keys X
dm_cryptographic_provider_sessions X
dm_database_encryption_keys X
dm_db_file_space_usage X X
dm_db_index_usage_stats X X
dm_db_index_operational_stats X X
dm_db_index_physical_stats X X
dm_db_missing_index_columns X X
dm_db_mirroring_auto_page_repair X
dm_db_mirroring_connections X X
dm_db_mirroring_past_actions X
dm_db_missing_index_details X X
dm_db_missing_index_group_stats X X
dm_db_missing_index_groups X X
dm_db_partition_stats X X
dm_db_persisted_sku_features X
dm_db_script_level X
dm_db_session_space_usage X X
dm_db_task_space_usage X X
dm_exec_background_job_queue X X
dm_exec_background_job_queue_stats X X
dm_exec_cached_plans X X
dm_exec_cached_plan_dependent_objects X X
dm_exec_connections X X
dm_exec_cursors X X
dm_exec_plan_attributes X X
dm_exec_procedure_stats X
dm_exec_query_memory_grants X X
dm_exec_query_optimizer_info X X
dm_exec_query_plan X X
dm_exec_query_resource_semaphores X X
dm_exec_query_stats X X
dm_exec_query_transformation_stats X X
dm_exec_requests X X
dm_exec_sessions X X
dm_exec_sql_text X X
dm_exec_text_query_plan X X
dm_exec_xml_handles X
dm_filestream_file_io_handles X
dm_filestream_file_io_requests X
dm_fts_active_catalogs X X
dm_fts_fdhosts X
dm_fts_index_keywords X
dm_fts_index_keywords_by_document X
dm_fts_index_population X X
dm_fts_memory_buffers X X
dm_fts_memory_pools X X
dm_fts_outstanding_batches X
dm_fts_population_ranges X X
dm_fts_parser X
dm_io_backup_tapes X X
dm_io_cluster_shared_drives X X
dm_io_pending_io_requests X X
dm_io_virtual_file_stats X X
dm_os_buffer_descriptors X X
dm_os_child_instances X X
dm_os_cluster_nodes X X
dm_os_dispatcher_pools X
dm_os_dispatchers X
dm_os_hosts X X
dm_os_latch_stats X X
dm_os_loaded_modules X X
dm_os_memory_allocations X X
dm_os_memory_brokers X
dm_os_memory_cache_clock_hands X X
dm_os_memory_cache_counters X X
dm_os_memory_cache_entries X X
dm_os_memory_cache_hash_tables X X
dm_os_memory_clerks X X
dm_os_memory_node_access_stats X
dm_os_memory_nodes X
dm_os_memory_objects X X
dm_os_memory_pools X X
dm_os_nodes X
dm_os_performance_counters X X
dm_os_process_memory X
dm_os_ring_buffers X X
dm_os_schedulers X X
dm_os_spinlock_stats X
dm_os_stacks X X
dm_os_sublatches X X
dm_os_sys_info X X
dm_os_sys_memory X
dm_os_tasks X X
dm_os_threads X X
dm_os_virtual_address_dump X X
dm_os_wait_stats X X
dm_os_waiting_tasks X X
dm_os_worker_local_storage X X
dm_os_workers X X
dm_qn_subscriptions X X
dm_repl_articles X X
dm_repl_schemas X X
dm_repl_tranhash X X
dm_repl_traninfo X X
dm_resource_governor_configuration X
dm_resource_governor_resource_pools X
dm_resource_governor_workload_groups X
dm_server_audit_status X
dm_sql_referenced_entities X
dm_sql_referencing_entities X
dm_tran_active_snapshot_database_transactions X X
dm_tran_active_transactions X X
dm_tran_commit_table X
dm_tran_current_snapshot X X
dm_tran_current_transaction X X
dm_tran_database_transactions X X
dm_tran_locks X X
dm_tran_session_transactions X X
dm_tran_top_version_generators X X
dm_tran_transactions_snapshot X X
dm_tran_version_store X X
dm_xe_map_values X
dm_xe_object_columns X
dm_xe_objects X
dm_xe_packages X
dm_xe_session_event_actions X
dm_xe_session_events X
dm_xe_session_object_columns X
dm_xe_session_targets X
dm_xe_sessions X
Dynamic Management Functions

Grey color represents Dynamic Management Functions.

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EOF - New SQL Server DMV and DMF, which are added in SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012 , 2008 R2 , 2008 , 2005 , 2000

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