Sample SQL DBA Resume

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DBATAG (Sample Resume)

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~ Sr. Database Consultant ~

With 13+ years of comprehensive skills & knowledge in;

Strategic Planning
IT Operations Management
Disaster Recovery
Risk Management
Data Centre Management
Training & Development
Program Management
IT Business Planning
Database Administration
Technical Support
Team Management
Project Management
Data Warehouse Architecture
Application Development
Installation/ Configuration
Staff Motivation

Currently working as free lancer; Database Consultant and Trainer. Adroit in designing infrastructure and implementing technology to support large user groups, supporting users at corporate as well as multiple remote locations. Deft at analyzing information system needs, evaluating end-user requirements, custom designing solutions, troubleshooting for complex information systems management. Strong Skill set in System Administration using Windows. An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills with the ability to relate to people at any level of business/management & significant experience working with steering committees. A team leader with abilities in performance evaluations, team building, mentoring, hiring resources, demand forecasting.


  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • MS Certified IT Professional (MCITP-Database Administrator) – SQL Server 2008
  • MS Certified IT Professional (MCITP-Database Administrator)
  • MS Certified IT Professional (MCITP-Database Developer)
  • MS Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS-DBA)
  • MS Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)
  • MS Certified System Engineer (MCSE)
  • Red Hat Certified System Engineer (RHCE)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) 9i, 10g
  • ITIL V3 Foundation Certified

Technical Skill Set

 Database : SQL7.0, SQL 2000, SQL 2005, SQL 2008, Sybase and MySQL

Operating System : Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, UNIX

Domain Knowledge : IT, Banking, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Internet Media

Career Highlights


Trainer / Consultant

May’10 – Till Date



Jan’08 – April’10


Sr. Database Specialist

Apr’04 – Dec’07


Technical Consultant

Jan’98 – Mar’04

Notable Milestones 

  • Handled Administration of SQL Server 7.0, SQL 2000, SQL 2005, and SQL 2008.
  • Implemented MS SQL Cluster (Active/Passive & Active/Active), Multi Node Cluster up to 8 Node
  • Created and maintained windows domain with 500 numbers of clients which spread crossed multiple locations.
  • Planned & executed of any upgrade such as Service Pack, Hot fixes etc.
  • Handled Fine Tuning Databases System in-coordination with Application owners to utilise the maximum resources for Database and Applications.

As Core SQL Production DBA

  • Up gradation of Database from SQL Server 2000 to 2005 and 2008.
  • Installed & configured database software, associated database tools and performance monitoring software.
  • Performed database/infrastructure physical design, database upgrades & applied software patches to databases as per application/client requirements.
  • Performed acceptance testing to verify that database changes perform without adverse consequences.
  • Estimated disk storage requirements for database software, database files & database administration needs.
  • Provided optimal database file layout for utilization of storage and performance acceptable to client.
  • Participated in meetings impacting databases physical design.
  • Customized support for Client’s Applications (e.g. Third party supported/In-House Applications etc.) provided client will won the responsibility of creating and maintaining database objects and structures (e.g. tables, indexes, views, triggers, Functions, Procedures etc.).
  • Provided appropriate access to client except system databases owners’ and Client will have access to their respective needed application schema owners.
  • Developed & maintained scripts, utility jobs or implement needed software for database maintenance.
  • Implemented & managed database clustering, failover and load balance technologies as per client requirement.
  • Developed, tested & implemented a robust database backup and recovery strategy with client assistance.
  • Requested refreshes pre or post restore activities (e.g. data loads).
  • Database recoveries as per requirements.
  • Conducted root cause and analysis for database incidents and problems.
  • Participated in designing, testing and implementing an enterprise Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Monitored data activities (i.e. database status, logs, space utilization, extents, Checkpoints, locks and long transactions).
  • Suggested Application level tuning changes for code, queries, SQL objects which may not be performing up to the optimum database performance standards.
  • Adhered to Change Control Procedures.
  • Developed & executed scripted changes requests in accordance with change control procedures.
  • Provided overall configuration and change control management for data base components.
  • Escalated database issues to appropriate approvers (if applicable).
  • Conducted research and collaborated with vendor if necessary for additional patches.
  • Provided stopgap solutions if possible and acceptable by business and application team owners.
  • Researched, reviewed and recommended for preventive maintenance.
  • Set up security and access profiles and procedures for database system administrators.
  • Complied with standard security-related procedures that are based on established best practices and conformity to company policy and adjusted to accommodate Client Security Policy based on mutual agreement.
  • Interfaced with database vendors & client technical support teams to isolate & resolve database related problems.
  • Implemented MS SQL Cluster (Active/Passive & Active/Active), Multi Node Cluster up to 8 Node.
  • Handled Logical Data and Index partitioning for large tables in SQL Server 2005 and 2008.
  • Provided & managed support to Environment of more than 500 Database Servers.
  • Proven ability to handle Database of more than 1 TB in Size.
  • Expertise in MSSQL SERVER Database Administration.
  • Set up Log Shipping, MSSQL Mail, SMTP
  • Created, administered & maintained SQL Server Databases (Production, Development, Test and Staging Env.) for various groups such as Developer, QA, DA, User etc and ensured the Availability of the Database Server in a 24X7 Environment.
  • Scanned the data pages, Indexes and checked the storage space used by each table.
  • Suggested, developed & implemented Scaling out solution with Data partitioning.
  • Managed security by defining roles and rights.
  • Handled Fine Tuning Operating System in-coordination with Server and Network Administrator to utilize the maximum resources for Database and Applications.
  • Monitored the database server performance and if required go for tuning of the TSQL queries, Stored procedures etc.

As Application DBA / Application Support

  • Involved in performance tuning, code optimization, development using Visual Basic 6.0, ASP and COM+
  • Conducted System Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of various Applications and the subsequent transition to ERP and Web Enabled Application.
  • Experience of Application Code Review.
  • Performed all the Database related activities such as Database Backup, Restore Operations, Troubleshooting Issues as and when occurs, Performance Tuning, monitoring error logs, jobs etc.
  • Involved in Logical Data and Index Partitioning using SQL Server 2005.
  • Designed, implemented & maintained DTS Packages
  • Handled data Migration from legacy systems as well other RDBMS such as Sybase and FoxPro.
  • Involved in Fine Tuning the Procedures After studying the Processing time through SQL Trace.
  • Modified & created Indexes, Optimizing Indexes.
  • Migrated data from various sources such as MS Access, flat files etc.
  • Configured Internet Information Services.

As a Programmer

  •  Developed software using languages/tools such as Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, and HTML & Java.

As a Integration and Deployment Leader

  •  Closely worked with Solution Architects and sales teams in developing proposals, plans, and communication
  • Designing and implementing Server Hosting as per requirements in a cost effective manner
  • Mentor and Leading Database technologies
  • Estimating tools, models, Process Documentation, and Training Requirements for project deployment
  • Designed complete IT solution for small to mid segment manufacturing organisations
  • Participating in ROI analysis

AS a Project /Programme Leader

  •  Responsible for supporting the IT Infrastructure
  • Handled IT budget and procurement of IT stuff.
  • Coordinated with venders HP,Dell and other IT vendors for support and got things done on time.
  • Managed IT asset and updated list on all India bases.
  • Upgraded 5000 node network from old Windows version to Windows 2000 Environment.
  • Kept the Network and messaged up and ran over 7000 users.
  • Conducted training sessions to users within production manufacturing units.

AS a Technical Lead

  • Functioned as Subject Matter Expert.
  • Managed team in India and coordinated with client team.

As a Change Control Coordinator

  • Hosted change control meetings.
  • Involved in patch management coordination.
  • Allocated maintenance window and technical resources for implementing approved changes.


Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application (PGDCA) 1995

Master of Computer Application 1999

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    Do we need to add technical experties in terms of projects. for example “I have completed a database design for abc project for xyz client in sql server 2008 using log shipping” etc.

  3. Hi Ashok,

    Even this sample resume has used some tables but those were without border. you can use images for certifications but need to ensure, the viewer doesn’t looses focus from your resume.

  4. The Sample SQL DBA Resume is presented well. Thanks for sharing useful stuff.
    Can we able to design a attractive resume with images and tables, using the same concept??

  5. Mayur,

    Thanks for your sharing your feedback, but this is not being taken from any website or book. This is my own resume, which was being designed by one expert Resume Writer at, I publish, after a bit modifications.


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