SQL For ANDROID – Video Tutorial

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Do We have SQL Server for Android Operating System ?

YES, we do have a product named “SQLite”, a open Source Database, which is inbuilt in the SQL Android based systems.

That means there is no centralized database server, every Android based tablet / cell phone do have a built in database services named “SQLite”

Do we need a DBA to configure Database in Android ?

No, we don’t need any user / admin to control or manage SQL Database on Android as this comes with Zero configuration that means nothing can be configured :)

Does SQL Lite supports Data Replication / Synchronization ?

Yes, SQL Lite is open source database and support mostly all database feature, where Data synchronization is one of them. This is how replication Architecture will look like

SQL For ANDROID   Video Tutorial sql database android android sql tutorial android sql example

To make it more easy, let me give you a quick example, I use Google Reader to make me update about news. I do synchronize my news with Google reader account and on my phone all those updates are stored locally so that I shouldn’t use my cellular data to read content on the move.

SQL Lite Database (SQL For ANDROID) Features

  • Zero Configuration – It’s self configured. So there is no configuration required to use SQL Android or infect there is no option where you can modify any setting.
  • Server Less – It’s not a service, means there is no service which continues to run on server.
  • Single Database File – One Database One file, very stright
  • Cross Platform – You can create your database on windows / Apple or Android and later on pass that to any other platform
  • Compact – This is very small that was the reason we can use even in phone

Video Tutorial for SQL Lite Database (SQL For ANDROID) Features

How can I build and application and connect to SQL LITE on Android based system ?

Here is quick Step by Step Tutorial, which will let you know, how to build an application and how to connect to Android SQL (SQL LITE)

Here is another example where are using mysql database, a web server and mobile client for data updates.

Can we use native Microsoft SQL Server native replication to synchronize data with Android Database ?

That was was initial starting point which I wanted to explore but as of now, Microsoft SQL Server doesn’t have any native driver to connect to SQL Lite Database (SQL For ANDROID).

So we need to be dependent on WCF Data Services replication between Microsoft SQL Server and SQL For ANDROID

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