SQL Server 2008 BI beating IBM Cognos & Capturing Market

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Microsoft has been gunning to take a bite out of Oracle and IBM since it first introduced SQL Server. Recently last week, Reliance Petroleum opted to deploy a business intelligence and data warehouse solution based on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2. Previously Reliance Petroleum was using a basic IBM Cognos business intelligence and reporting environment. By taking this decision, The company expecting a saving in report generation effort of about $100,000 a year by investing $500,000 in the project, including hardware, software and consulting costs.

The annual Microsoft Financial Analyst Meeting today (30 July 2010) in Redmond featured the usual numbers crunching about its financials, and reveal

Turner then took on Oracle, the database leader, citing faster growth rates. Microsoft SQL Server revenue rose by 6.2 percent between 2008 and 2009, while Oracle’s grew by only 0.6 percent and IBM’s fell by 2.7 percent. Turner essentially warned Oracle to look in its rear-view mirror to see them closing.

Microsoft wants to seize an opportunity to migrate Oracle customers to SQL Server “because customers don’t want to be locked into Oracle.” “We’re here to save you. Here’s a life preserver,” he said.

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