SQL Server 2008 – Clustering Enhancements

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One new feature with clustering in SQL Server 2008 is the removal of the requirement to have one drive letter for each SQL Server instance. This increases the number of instances that each cluster can support and enables increased server consolidation.

Most of the additional enhancements for SQL Server 2008 clustering are only available with the Windows Server 2008 operating system. For example, you can now have up to 16 nodes in a cluster and create a cluster over multiple subnets. In addition, clustering is easier to set up and manage because Windows Server 2008 provides a wizard for many of the configuration  tasks.


  • SQL Server 2008 removes the requirement to have one drive letter for each SQL Server Instance
  • Windows Server 2008 provides enhanced clustering
    • Supports up to 16 nodes in a cluster
    • Supports clustering over multiple subnets
    • Supports OR dependencies:
      • example, by ensuring that the network name resource is available if either of the two IP address resources is available
    • Contains a cluster validation tools:
      • Ensure hardware, software and network compatibility
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  1. Do you know any good training centre doing SQL Server 2008 – Clustering training?

    • mahalingamoorthy

      Sql 2008 clustering features:

      1.Supporting to build a single node cluster,based on your requirement you can add after the cluster configuration done.(up to 15 nodes.)–sql server 2000/2005 doesn’t support.

      2.While installing sql server 2000/2005 clustering you have select the volume where mdf and ldf reside, u can select one onle volume but 2008 sql clustering suppor diff volume set like system db,userdb,backup file in diff volume set.
      3.If you want to add the dependency on sql server 2000/2005 clustering you have to offline the resource group then add the dependency — sql 2008 no need to stop.
      4.you can save your sql server 2008 configuration file once you done it the clustering setup you may review.
      5.Enhanced windows clustering validation tool also integrated.
      6.Clustering node add/remove is very simple you can do sql server 2008 management studio itself no need to go for control panel (add/remove wizards).

    • mahalingamoorthy

      hi noel where you are from…

      No need for training,,,,virtualization may help your requirement…

      setup need:

      build a domain controller
      two nodes
      shared volume
      2+2 ips(2 for public and 2 for private(heartbeat).

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