SQL Server 2008 – Enterprise Data Platform

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Question : What do you mean by is Enterprise Data Platform? Does SQL Server 2008 offers all Enterprise Data Platform requirement?

Answer : This is open ended question, your answer should cover all these keyterms.

Enterprise Data Platform is a framework in SQL Server which offers

  • Secure, trusted platform for your data
  • Optimized and predictable system performance
  • Productive policy-based management of your

Secure, trusted platform for your data

To secure, trusted platform for your data, SQL Server 2008 offers

· Transparent Data Encryption – Encrypt your data without requiring an application re-write

· External Key Management – Consolidate security keys within the data center

· Data Auditing - Integrated auditing support

To Increase the reliability of your applications SQL Server 2008 offers

· Pluggable CPU - Add system resources without affecting your users

· Enhanced Database Mirroring - Leverage database mirroring to increase reliability

Optimized and predictable system performance

Better Performance

· Data Compression - Increase query and backup performance

· Backup Compression - Reduce your storage costs

Optimize System Performance

· Performance Data Collection - Monitor your system by collecting and storing system events

· Performance System Analysis - Analyze and report on your system performance

Predictable Performance

· Query Optimization Mode - Manage concurrent workloads on single system

· Resource Governer – Prevent runaway queries and Ensure consistent query performance

Productive policy-based management of your infrastructure

Spend less time on ongoing operations

· Declarative Management Framework - Manage via policies instead of scripts

· Server Group Management – Define Enterprise wide data management policies and Automated monitoring and enforcement of policies

· Streamlined Installation – Simplify your installation and configuration

Integrated with your enterprise system management

· Enterprise System Management – Define Policies that are compliant with System Definition Model and Manage your data and system infrastructure with Microsoft System Center

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