Product KEY for SQL Server 2008 R2

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Product keys contain 25 characters that are typically divided into group of 5. like this..

Product KEY for SQL Server 2008 R2

From where we can get Product KEY for SQL Server 2008?

Normally you can get Product KEY for SQL Server 2008  in paper license which you have received from Microsoft or you can locate your media (CD / DVD) it might be included in that bundle too. provided you have the licensed media.

Is there any way to use SQL Server without Product KEY?

YES, you can use the SQL Server without SQL Server 2008 product key too. for that you can download a Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition, which is freely available at  Microsoft Site. There is no product Serial key  required, in case you use SQL Server 2008 Express Edition.

Note- Keep in mind, SQL Server 2008 Express has a limit of 10 GB of database size and it can not use more than 1 GB of RAM. see my previous post for more details on SQL Server 2008 express limitation.

Is there any other use Standard / Enterprise Edition without Product key ?

Yes, Microsoft do offer trail period, For SQL Server 2008, we can use any edition of SQL Server 2008 without a license Product key but that installation will last for 180 days. I use this for my testing.

Once you installed, SQL Server Evaluation edition, which doesn’t require any Serial key, you need to check, When SQL Server Evaluation Edition will Expire.

I have already posted an article on this, please check my previous article.

What is Product Serial key ?

A product Serial key is not a product ID (PID) number. A PID is created after a product is successfully installed with SQL Server 2008 Serial key. PIDs are used by Microsoft Customer Service to help identify the product when customers call in for support.

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