SQL Server 2008 Maximum Hardware support

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What is the maximum hardware supported by SQL Server, Should I use 32 bit or 64 bit SQL Server for specified hardware support ? these two are the most frequently asked question in every training session.

Here is the answer to the first question, which clearly specified the maximum hardware limit supported by SQL Server

SQL Server edition Maximum memory supported Maximum Number of Processors Supported
Datacenter Operating system maximum Operating system maximum
Enterprise 2 TB 8
Developer Operating system maximum Operating system maximum
Standard 64 GB 4
Web 64 GB 4
Workgroup 4 GB (64-bit), OS maximum (32-bit) 2
Express 1 GB 1
Express with Tools 1 GB 1
Express with Advanced Services 1 GB
4 GB for Reporting Services


Key Notes

SQL Server supports the specified number of processor sockets multiplied by the number of logical CPUs in each socket. For example, the following is considered a single processor for purposes of this table:

  • A single-core, hyper-threaded processor with 2 logical CPUs per socket.

  • A dual-core processor with 2 logical CPUs.

  • A quad-core processor with 4 logical CPUs.

SQL Server is licensed per processor socket, and not per logical CPU basis. (Oracle has per logical CPU licenses)

Now I am going to work on limit for 32 bit SQL Server system and Limit for 64 bit SQL Server system in the specified table format.

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