SQL Server Atlanta – Proactive Monitoring

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What is SQL Server Atlanta Project ?

Microsoft Atlanta is a cloud-based, SQL Server configuration-monitoring tool that proactively checks our SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 instances and provides us alerts about problems, along with helpful information on what the alerts mean and how to correct them. Atlanta also help us to avoid configuration problem, improve performance and resolve issues.

In short, I can say, this is kind of next version of MSBA, Microsoft Best practice Analyzer, where this tool will identify your SQL Server Problems and will send you alerts about issue and possible solution based on best practices.

Currently This project is in BETA stage so anyone can register and start using it.

How to Configure and use SQL Server Atlanta?

A Step by Step guide is posted by Brad M. McGehee

Note :

Find More from Official Microsoft Website for ATLANTA

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