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SQL Server Denali Community Technology Preview 1 (CTP1), next version of Microsoft SQL Server which is is released today. Denali is available for download at the Microsoft Download Center.

SQL Server 2011 which will be next evolution of SQL Server 2008.

Hardware and Software Requirements for Installing :

How to Install SQL Server Denali?

Step by Step Video Guide to Install SQL Server Denali is posted in my another post.

What are new features in SQL Server Denali?

Microsoft made a number of improvements on this new release "Denali". These are some of the key improvements

Manageability Enhancements

  • TSQL Enhancements : The Database Engine Query Editor introduces enhanced functionality for Transact-SQL debugging and IntelliSense [More Information]
  • Contained Databases: Users can connect to the database without authenticating a login at the Database Engine level. Moving databases from one instance of the SQL Server Database Engine to another instance of the Database Engine is simplified by introducing contained databases. [More Information]
  • Changed Startup Options : Changing SQL Services Startup Parameters is very easy in SQL Server Denali, No need to remember syntax and where to place (;) [More Information]
  • Denali Paging – Key seek lookups

Programmability Enhancements

  • Full-Text Search : In Denali, you can configure a full-text index to support property-scoped searching on properties, such as Author and Title, which are emitted by IFilters. [More Information]. Adding to this, you can also customize a proximity search by using the new custom NEAR option of the CONTAINS predicate or CONTAINSTABLE function [More Information]
  • Introduction to Sequence : SQL Server finally has the concept of a "sequence" that Oracle has had for years [More Information]
  • Circular Arc Segment Support for Spatial Types : There are new methods for geometry and geography data types that work with circular arc segments. [More Information]
  • Extend Order by Clause functionality : You can specify a range of rows returned by a SELECT statement based on row offset and row count values that you provide. [More Information]
  • Extend Execute Statement functionality : SQL Server extends the EXECUTE statement so that it can be used to send pass-through commands to linked servers. [More Information]
  • New Collation Support :  A new family of supplementary characters (SC) collations can be used with the data types nchar, nvarchar and sql_variant. [More Information]
  • Metadata Discovery : The SET FMTONLY option for determining the format of a response without actually running the query is replaced with sp_describe_first_result_set,sp_describe_undeclared_parameters, sys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set, andsys.dm_exec_describe_first_result_set_for_object.

Security Enhancements

  • New Role Management : Now we can create User defined Server level Roles [More Information]
  • Added New Encryption Algorithms : The HASHBYTES function now supports the SHA2_256, and SHA2_512 algorithms for encryption.
  • Contained Databases: Users can connect to the database without authenticating a login at the Database Engine level. Moving databases from one instance of the SQL Server Database Engine to another instance of the Database Engine is simplified by introducing contained databases. [More Information]
  • New Permissions : Denali Added new Permissions like

    New GRANT, REVOKE, and DENY permissions to a SEARCH PROPERTY LIST are available.

Other Improvements not yet confirmed

  • SQL Server AlwaysOn -  A new feature that will provide maximum uptime with simplify HA deployment, this feature will also supports new availability group option to improve availability of mission critical databases by supporting multiple secondary servers. "HADR" which people seem to be calling HADRON is "a high-availability and disaster recovery solution introduced in SQL Server Code-Named" Denali” to enable you to maximize availability for one or more of your user databases”
  • Column-Based Query Accelerator -  Increase query performance by ~10x
  • IT Administration – Enhancements in server roles to manage separation of duties, and auditing will be available for all the editions.
  • Beyond Relational – FileTable, 2D Spatial support
  • Juneau – A tool for Developers : Developers can easily work using new tool "Juneau", this will help developers to developing databases, BI and web solutions. It also provides environment for Declarative Database Definition, Dynamically Editing Existing Database
  • BI Enhancement: Drag and Drop interface
  • Analytic Enhancement: Analytics performance can be enhanced from the desktop to data center through in-memory column store technology
  • Data Integration Management: Denali introduces two component – Data Quality Services for knowledge driven data cleansing and Impact Analysis and lineage which will ensure that the right data is delivered to the right users and the right time.
  • Column-Store in relational database. About time you might say
  • Lot of new things in SSIS, seems to have had huge make over.
  • Web based Reporting tool (Crescent) – It looks very smart. Much better than WEBI (Not part of CTP1)
  • Story Board reports
  • Export to Power Point and maintain live connection
  • Power Pivot engine is SSAS and can be developed using BIDS

What are the SQL Server "Denali" CTP 1 restrictions ?

Please keep the following restriction in mind.

  • Do not use BIDS, as this has too much limitations.
  • Do Not Use Power Pivot Features in CTP1 because of very restrictive in nature.
  • BIDS Is Not Supported in Side-By-Side and Upgrade Scenarios
  • You Cannot Browse a Cube, Dimension, or Mining Model in SSMS
  • BOL content are not included so local help will not work with default installation

What are the enhancements done by SQL Server Denali specific to SSIS?

Microsoft made a number of improvements on this new release "Denali" specially for Integration Services. These are some of the key improvements in SSIS

Migration and Deployment

  • Working with Integration Services projects in Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS)
  • Using the Deployment Wizard to deploy an Integration Services project
  • Import an Integration Services Project from the Project Deployment File
  • Import an Integration Services Project from an Integration Services Catalog
  • Migrate an Integration Services 2008 Project to the Project Deployment Model
  • Configure an Integration Services project using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Running a package using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Impact Analysis and Data Lineage

  • Extract Dependency Information Using the Dependency Extractor Command Prompt Tool
  • Extract and View Dependency Information
  • Extract and View Dependency Information for SQL Server Objects Using the MSSQL Provider

SSIS Designer Enhancements

  • Working with the Data Flow Task’s Source Assistant and Destination Assistant
  • Resolve Column References in a Data Flow Component
  • SSIS Denali Resolve References
  • SSIS Denali Data Flow Grouping

Is there any Video Tutorials available to learn these new SSIS features ?

Video tutorials are available at 


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