SQL Server Denali New Function – CONCAT

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CONCAT – SQL Server String concatenation function

CONCAT is new function introduced in SQL Server Denali (2012) CTP3. This function is same as Microsoft excel and returns a string that is the result of concatenating two or more string values

This function minimum requires two input values to concatenate the string.

-- SQL Server CONCAT Example
SELECT CONCAT ( 'SQL Server Denali', 'CTP 3', 'Tutorials' ) AS Result;

Here is the result of above query

SQL Server Denali CTP 3 Tutorials

(1 row(s) affected)


  • All arguments to CONCAT() functions are implicitly converted to string type, when using ‘+‘ you need to use either CAST() or CONVERT() to convert into string type.
  • NULLs are converted to empty string, that means if you are concatenating three columns and if you have null value in one column that that will be replaced by a empty string.

More Details can be found at Microsoft BOL.

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