SQL Server Developer Tool "Juneau" ???

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"Juneau" is going to be a high productivity development environment for SQL Server, SQL AZURE and Business Intelligence. By using this new tool "Juneau", developers will be able to do Connected and Offline database developments. Juneau is not product name, this a code name like Denali. "Juneau" is not yet released this is still product is still in development stage. As per Microsoft,

Here are some key features of SQL Server Developer Tool "Juneau"

  • High Productivity Development Environment for SQL Server and SQL AZURE
  • Connected and Offline database development
  • Edition aware development and debugging
  • Integrated application/database development
  • New Table designer
  • Visual Control over Schema changes
  • Workflow-appropriate publication/development
  • Deep Entity Framework integration
  • Cross Language Debussing

Quick Architecture of SQL Server Developer Tool "Juneau"

SQL Server Developer Tool "Juneau" ??? sql server Juneau sql server high productivity development environment sql server 2011 Juneau sql developer Juneau high productivity development environment for SQL Server features of SQL Server Developer Tool Juneau

As per my personal understanding, this tool might get released with SQL Server Denali (2011) final product.

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  1. Thanks Tiffena, for keeping an eye on this. Looking forward to see some of the cool features.

  2. Thanks for your interest in the product. Juneau will be released in the next SQL 2011 (Denali) CTP and shipped with Denali RTM release.

    For more information and updates, please visit http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/data/tools.aspx

    Tiffena Kou
    Technical Writer,
    SQL Server Developer Tools, codename “Juneau” team

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