SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle

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Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle automates the process of migrating from Oracle to SQL Server. SQL Server Migration Assistant enables customers to migrate their applications from other database to SQL Server easily and in a predictable manner. Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant automates almost every aspect of database migration. As a result, the time, cost, and risks associated with migrating to SQL Server are greatly reduced. With SQL Server Migration Assistant customers do not have to be locked into an expensive database on an expensive anymore

A newer version “Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant for Oracle v4.2”, released on August-12-2010.

SQL Server Migration Assistant consists of the following major components:

· Migration Analyzer — evaluates the complexity of the migration project.

· Schema & Data Migrator and SQL Converter — performs database conversion and provides a powerful IDE for cross-platform database developers.

· Migration Tester — provides automated validation of the migration process.

Migrating your application from other database systems to SQL Server includes the following phases.

· Assessment phase

· Schema conversion

· Data migration

· Business logic conversion

· Validation, integration, and performance analysis

Download White Paper “Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant™ for Oracle – Facilitating Database Migration” and Download White Papers

For the latest information, please see http://www.microsoft.com/sql/migration


*SSMA for Oracle supports migration from Oracle 7.3 and higher to any edition of SQL Server.

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