SQL Server MiracleDB

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What is MiracleDB in SQL Server ?

MiracleDB is user database created by DBA to operationally support database environment. MiracleDB contains a bunch of useful tools and scripts to ease your everyday SQL Server tasks.

Normally every DBA walk around with his/her own set of tools / scripts to for info they looks for, but now Codeplex team have put some of these magic tools in one place – and that place is the MiracleDB.

What all is being offered by MiracleDB ?

he MiracleDB solution consists of multiple components which can be downloaded and installed separate from each other. The features of these components are at the moment:

Index+ base : This part of the MiracleDB solution can be used to schedule
intelligent index rebuilds and reorganizations, as well as keep track of time spend, and fragmentation levels. The solution also includes some useful views and procedures for easy access to index stats from the SQL Server.

  • Collect statistics about index fragmentation
  • Perform the maintenance tasks discovered from the collector, and logs valuable information. It is intelligent enough to perform online rebuilds where possible, and offline when not.
  • General maintenance behavior can be configured in the Settings table.
  • See statistics about the index maintenance tasks, either on daily aggregated level, or in detail on index level.
  • Views for easy access to SQL Servers own statistics about missing indexes and index usage

Trace : This part of the MiracleDB solution can be used to easily create traces on you production or test environment. It automates the process of collecting data and grouping the result in an easy to read form.

  • Automate collection of SQL-server traces
  • Avoid using sql-profiler and get a REAL overview.
  • Grouping on execution commands with outmasked parameters.
  • Easy extraction of results based on importance (Reads, Writes, Duration, Occurencies and CPU)

Delta : This part of the MiracleDB solution can be used to easily monitor changes to your DB environment. It monitors delta changes between each run on : Databases, Tables, Stored procedures, Views, Indexes.

  • Perform delta runs on your DB environment to see exactly which objects are changed.
  • Stores information about how your objects we’re and how they look now.
  • Supports Databases, Tables, Stored procedures, Views, Indexes and Size

Statistics : This part of the MiracleDB solution can be used to manage stats info in your DB environment

  • Collect information about statistics
  • When statistics will be updated can be configured with parameters (percent of rows changed)
  • Option to choose between fullscan or sample percentage
  • Possible to check statistics on one single index or entire database
  • This feature depends on the Index+Base module.

Complete answer is being copied from http://miracledb.codeplex.com/

From Where I can download this DBA MiracleDB ?

Script for creating MicracleDB and it’s objects are hosted at Codeplex site.

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