SQL Server Monitoring tool – Performance Advisor for SQL Server

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I was looking for a some good graphical monitoring tool for SQL Server.  I am totally amazed to see the features available in SQL Server Sentry “Performance Advisor for SQL Server”. This is amazed software, I suggest all guys to test at least the trail version once.

  • Monitors and displays the most important Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server performance metrics side-by-side a single view, so you have the full picture at a glance.
  • Easily switch between real-time and historical modes to view performance metrics for any point in time. Go back days or even months to see exactly how your SQL Server performance has changed over time.
  • SQL Server resource utilization is integrated into the Windows network, CPU and memory charts, so you can monitor exactly how much of your server resources are being consumed by each SQL Server instance.
  • Wait Type analysis shows both high-level and detailed resource utilization, giving you an instant profile for the SQL Server so you can monitor exactly which resources or subsystems may be causing slowdowns. Wait types are grouped together into friendly categories, and meaningless wait types are eliminated.
  • SQL Sentry’s Quick Trace® provides an instant picture of exactly which processes and applications are consuming the most SQL Server resources, without having to open Profiler or Activity Monitor and manually correlate the results.
  • The Windows Process Activity viewer shows CPU, paging, and other I/O metrics on a server with a single-click, showing you exactly which Windows processes are consuming the most resources, without having to fire up PerfMon or remote into a machine simply to open Task Manager.
  • Network utilization is displayed by SQL Server instance and by network adapter.
  • Disk latency charts show you exactly how long reads and writes are taking for each disk and each database file, quickly highlighting disk bottlenecks.

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