SSIS vs Informatica

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I was at four days training of Informatica powercenter . For those, who do not know Informatica PowerCenter, it’s another ETL tool just like SQL Server Integration Services. The latest version in the market is 8.6 but many organizations are still using 8.5.1 version. Lets have few points of comparison:

1) GUI of SQL Server Integration Services is far much better than what Informatica Powercenter has.

2) While working on Informatica..I found that to create one simple package without transformation, I needed to press around 10 icons, shift between 3 windows but in SQL Server Integration Services, control flow, data flow, tools and execution results are just a click away.

3) Scripting in SSIS is much powerful than Informatica because SSIS script editor is shell of Visual Studio and it gives you functionality like BreakPoints, stack and an option to debug the code.

4) SSIS have an advantage that it has many inbuilt tasks which are not available in Informatica and to work on each task, GUI is so simple that given 2 days training can make a T-SQL coder to work on SSIS.

5) In Informatica, everything is stored in Central Repository and for this, you need to be connected to Informatica Server all the time as nothing gets stored on your machine, where as in SSIS, i can develop package locally on my machine and can deploy is SQL repository when it is ready to use in production.

6) Debugging workflow is lot easier in Informatica, SSIS has lots of options to debug: Checkpints, breakpoints, Data Viewer, Watch Window but none of these features are available in Informatica.

7) Third Party solutions for Informatica are very rare and require loads of money but SSIS gets you third party tool compatiability at very low price.

Apart from all this, best feature I found in Informatica is Inbuilt Versioning Control. SSIS gives you this facility post installation of VSS or other products but in Informatica it is its native feature to Checkout and Checkin. And, Visibility of MetaData is so wonderful that one click on any column in Pipeline will show you where it originated from.

But the debate is still on… but I think, for SSIS has less features to cover up to match the scalability of Informatica.

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