Summary Shot for SQL Server on MSDN and Microsoft Forum

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Recently SQL Server Forum Support Team has published a book, there are totally about 101 items covering database administration, SSAS, SSIS and SSRS which are good references for you to handle common SQL Server problems.

Rather I would say this is summary shot for DBA’s made and build by other DBA’s on MSDN and TechNet forums.

This is free book, any one can Download and read. Here is quick link to download this book in pdf format. "SQL Server Community FAQs Manual (PDF)".

This book answers the following Questions,

Part I Database Administration

  1. Why did a T-SQL script fail to run a job when it could successfully run in SQL Server Management Studio ?
  2. How can I degrade a SQL Server database from a higher version to a lower one?
  3. How can I create a linked server to the Access or Excel data source from the 64-bit version of SQL Server 2005/2008?
  4. Why is all of the memory allocated for SQL Server not shown in Windows Task Manager?
  5. How do I configure SQL Server to use larger memory space over 2GB on a 32-bit server?
  6. How do I rename my SQL Server instance?
  7. How do I store data in multiple languages within one database?
  8. How do I calculate the space a nullable column takes in SQL Server 2008?
  9. Why can’t I view the list of databases, tables, views and etc. in the SQL ServerManagement Studio Object Explorer?
  10. Why can’t I by pass the "Restart computer" rule when installing SQL Server 2008?
  11. Can SQL Server Enterprise Edition be installed on client operating systems?
  12. How do I troubleshoot SQL Server connectivity issues?
  13. Why can’t I track data changes even though I already enabled the database audit on my database?
  14. How do I use Powershell script to read the information of any database on a server?
  15. Why can’t I log on to SQL Server using Windows Authentication in SQL Server Management Studio?
  16. What permission(s) do I need to execute a stored procedure (sp)?
  17. How do I troubleshoot SQL Server 2008 installation issues?
  18. How do I configure SQL Server to enable distributed transactions via Linked Server?
  19. How do I find the correct "server" or "data source" value for an SQL Server instance in a connection string?
  20. How do I configure Windows Firewall to allow remote connections using TCP/IP protocol for SQL Server?
  21. Could SQL Server 2008 Express edition and SQL Server 2008 R2 Express edition be installed side by side with SQL Server 2005 Express?
  22. How do I apply a service pack for an instance of SQL Server 2005 Express Edition or SQL Server 2008 Express Edition?
  23. How do I resolve ‘SQL Server Setup cannot valid the service accounts’ error message during the setup?
  24. Why do I get ‘Rule “Existing clustered or clustered-prepared instance” failed’ error while adding new features to an existing instance of SQL Server Failover Cluster? 35

Part II Analysis Services

  1. How do I clear the warm cache of a cube?
  2. How do I exclude data members or create non-aggregatable values in parent-child dimensions?
  3. How do I specify a calculated member as the default member of an attribute?
  4. How do I create AVG measure in my cube?
  5. How do I implement dynamic security for the users?
  6. What is the common usage of Unknown member?
  7. How do I achieve Cumulative Sums for a set in MDX?
  8. How do I use wildcards in MDX?
  9. How do I query multi-dimensional data in a relational database with T-SQL?
  10. How do I resolve the error "File system error: A FileStore error from WriteFile occurred. Physical file: …." when I process a dimension by using the Process Update option?
  11. How do I connect to a SSAS cube through Internet?
  12. What will happen if I create two roles for a user?
  13. How do I connect to SSAS instance without SQL Browser services started?
  14. How do I keep on accessing my cube in MOLAP storage mode when it is processed?
  15. How do I have the members of a dimension displayed in my custom order?
  16. How do I run MDX query in Excel 2007/2010?
  17. How do I automatically deploy my Analysis Services 2005/2008 project?
  18. How do I process a cube via T-SQL?
  19. Can I perform writeback operations in Excel 2007?
  20. How do I troubleshoot the slow MDX query performance? 62

Part III Reporting Services

  1. How do I hide the toggle image (+) if there is no row when using drill-down?
  2. How do I achieve nested aggregation?
  3. How do I achieve column break in a matrix?
  4. How do I use Parent-Child Hierarchies and formatted value in report with Analysis Services?
  5. How do I set interactive sort across multiple groups in SSRS 2005?
  6. How do I get distinct values of SharePoint column using SQL Server Reporting Services?
  7. How do I resolve the printer problem “Unable to load client print control”?
  8. How do I allow Enter key to act like the “view report” button?
  9. How do I avoid prompting Login dialog while deploying report from Microsoft Business Intelligence Development Studio?
  10. How do I resolve the error “No report servers were found on the specified machine”?
  11. How do I get the subtotals of each page and previous pages at the bottom of the report?
  12. How do I anonymously access the Report Manager?
  13. How do I deploy a Report Server for Internet Access?
  14. How do I resolve the Reporting Server Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion?
  15. How do I dynamically load an external image in a report?
  16. How do I call the public methods of Reporting Service Web service in XML Datasource to query report server metadata?
  17. How do I get group total in Group Footer with PageBreak in SQL Server Reporting Services?
  18. How do I create cascading parameters when using cube database in Reporting Services?
  19. Why does the “Attempted to divide by zero” error still happen?
  20. How do I solve the issue – The configuration file contains an element that is not valid?
  21. How do I pass a multi-value parameter within a URL?
  22. How do I keep only one vertical scroll bar in local report?
  23. How do I Hide Export Options with Local Report?
  24. How do I get the same page number in web page and PDF?
  25. How do I implement OR logic or complicated logics for filters in a SSRS report?
  26. How do I work Parameters with a local report?
  27. How do I pass a multi-value parameter into a report with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Web Services API?
  28. How do I pass a multi-value parameter to a dataset while using LIKE operator in the WHERE clause?
  29. How do I preview a Sub report which is in another SSRS project?
  30. How to list models from SQL Server Master Data Services in a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  31. How to Control Dataset Query Dynamically based on SSRS Report Parameters
  32. How to change XML data for embedded XML document in a SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) report
  33. How to get distinct values of a column of a SharePoint list using SQL Server Reporting Services
  34. How to Assign Dataset Dynamically Created in Code to your local report with ReportViewer
  35. How to Restrict the users to see only their folders via Reporting Services web services
  36. How to Add a Subreport in local report in ReportViewer
  37. How ReportViewer works with a complex Business Object with a nested generic list type property as data source for local reports

Part IV Integration Services

  1. How do I set a flat file name for flat file connection manager dynamically?
  2. How do I use dynamic T-SQL in Lookup?
  3. How do I use lookup transformation to load data incrementally?
  4. How do I create a folder for SSIS package in MSDB with T-SQL?
  5. How do I resolve the error "Connection is busy with results for another command"?
  6. How do I programmatically create a Transfer SQL Server Objects task?
  7. How do I execute a stored procedure with a return value and an output parameter in an Execute SQL Task?
  8. How do I use the Fuzzy Grouping transformation?
  9. How do I use Integration Services to achieve Push-mode processing for Analysis Services?
  10. How do read data from Excel 2007 with Integration Services 2005?
  11. How do I upgrade my DTS packages to SSIS 2008 packages?
  12. How do I troubleshoot SSIS packages failed execution in a SQL Agent job?
  13. How do I track the error message when my SSIS package failed execution?
  14. How do I troubleshoot a connection error regarding  DTS_E_CANNOTACQUIRECONNECTIONFROMCONNECTIONMANAGER ?
  15. How do I troubleshoot SSIS package hanged for running?
  16. How do I use SSIS to completely transfer my database including logins, users, and permissions from one server to another server?
  17. How do I create and deploy a SSIS custom task?
  18. How do I improve package loading performance in BIDS when I open a package which is imported from another place?
  19. How do I use parameters in an SSIS ADO NET source?
  20. How do I refresh the layout information of a SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package that is modified programmatically?
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