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SQL Server – Checking Database Integrity

Database integrity describes the structural integrity of user and system tables and indexes in the database. DBCC CHECKDB Executes the following statements internally DBCC CHECKALLOC DBCC CHECKTABLE DBCC CHECKCATELOG Checking Database Integrity can be accomplished by adding a check integrity task to a maintenance plan, or executing the DBCC CHECKDB Transact SQL statement. This is [...]

Recover your Database when DBCC CHECKDB fails and you do not have backup

Microsoft SQL Server includes an inbuilt utility, called DBCC CHECKDB, to check the consistency and integrity of MDF (Master Database File). However, sometimes the DBCC CHECKDB process does not complete successfully and can not fix the associated issues. Database inconsistency can make the SQL Server database inaccessible and lead to severe data loss situations. In [...]