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SQL Script to find Installed Instances on a server

How many SQL Server Instances are installed on a server? Recently, I was working on a project, where I need to quote to manage a SQL Server on 50 servers (physical boxes). Considering a product based company, I assumed that one instances on every box but I was shocked there were 2-3 instances on every [...]

Video : Install SQL Server Denali Setup (Install SQL Server 2011)

Microsoft release Microsoft SQL Server 2011 CTP1 on 08-November-2010. I am going to share my experience related to SQL Server Denali Installation. Adding to this, I also recorded a Video Tutorial for all readers. This Video demonstrates How to install a new instance of SQL Server Denali. Step by Step Video Guide to Install SQL [...]

SQL Server 2011 – New Version Release

SQL Server 2011, Yes, Microsoft has planned for it and working on same line, Community Technology Preview 1 (CTP1) of the next version of Microsoft SQL Server which is code-named Denali is released. Denali is available for download at the Microsoft Download Center. SQL Server 2011 which will be next evolution of SQL Server 2008. [...]