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Do you know what is Enhanced in Denali for HIGH Availability ?

I received a lot of questions, on this topic. I have already posted various blogs in the past. Let me put all those collection in One GO. What is HARDON, let me understand Concept.  Download a Presentation to understand this better. This Presentation, will answer following topics Introduction to SQL Server AlwaysON Overview of AlwaysOn [...]

How to Implement HADR (a high-availability and disaster recovery solution) in SQL Server ? Step by Step Guide with screenshots

SQL Server Denali (2011) has introduced a new feature named "Availability Group" "HADR" is a high-availability and disaster recovery solution introduced in SQL Server 2011 Named "Denali". Deploying "HADR" involves configuring one or more availability groups. Note :This Post is focused specifically on the "How to set up HADR", please check other previous posts to [...]