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How to upgrade SQL Server? Step by Step Guide – Screen Shots

Microsoft has planned to come up with new version of SQL Server on every 3-5 years time frame. The current release of SQL Server is SQL Server 2012. Upgrading a SQL Server is critical activity which a DBA has perform to continue to get Microsoft support. This weekend, I was performing a SQL Server upgrade [...]

SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Tools and Approaches

Performing an upgrade is a complex and often risky project. A successful upgrade can provide an organization with a modern platform for development and production. An unsuccessful upgrade can cause lost time and money, and it can create a bad perception for the future. This paper documents approaches and tools that can help DBAs and [...]

Upgrade SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008

Case Study for Migrating SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise. This case study covers installing Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 and migrating user databases. Microsoft supports only upgrading SQL Server 2000 (SP4) and SQL Server 2005 (SP2) databases to SQL Server 2008. Consequently, if you are running any SQL [...]