Test your SQL Server skills Online Test

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Test your SQL Server skills -

Question 1

  You are mastering the company database called TesterDB; the database includes a database that uses SQL Server log shipping. Log shipping will happen half a hour. You should make the full backup. In order to cut the net bandwidth utilization when maintenance every night. Which is the correct answer?

Question: 2 You are mastering the company database, Users complaints that the SQL Server 2008 Application is running slowly. You should check the information of the CPU utilization, disk Utilization and memory utilization. The network should be considered. the detailed information should be checked for the proper example of SQL Server2008.Which is the correct answer? 

Question: 3 You are managing a SQL Server 2008 instance which includes a database called Products whose recovery model is set to full for Company.com.The Products database??s backup method is listed below:The information reserve on different disks. The hard disks which include the user database data files are reported to have failed at 17:00 hours on Wednesday. You should make sure that Products database could be saved by minimal data loss. Which is the correct answer?

Test your SQL Server skills Online Test

QUESTION : You configure a new SQL Server 2005 computer to use TCP/IP with all default settings. Your corporate policy requires that each server use a firewall. You find that you can connect to the SQL Server instance from the local computer. However, client computers cannot connect to the SQL Server instance. You need to identify the most likely cause of the connection issues. What should you do first?

QUESTION : Company  uses SQL Server 2005. Users report that report execution is slow. You investigate and discover that some queries do not use optimal execution plans. You also notice that some optimizer statistics are missing and others are out of date. You need to correct the problem so that reports execute more quickly. Which two Transact-SQL statements should you use?  

QUESTION : You are the database administrator for a SQL Server 2008 computer named TESTDB. A user reports that his query has been running for a very long time and is still running.You access the sys.dm_tran_locks dynamic management view (DMV). The relevant results are shown in the following table.Which is the correct answer? Test your SQL Server skills Online Test

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