What is Relational Database Model ?

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Introduction to RDBMS : Day 1 : Chapter 1

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What is Relational Database Model ?

In Relational Database model, data is organized/stored in tables. this model was introduced by E.F. Codd in 1970.

  • Relational model is an attempt to simplify the database structure.
  • It represents all data in the database as simple tables in the row-column format.
  • RDBMS can be defined as a DBMS where all data visible to the user is organized strictly as tables of data values and where all database operations work on these tables.

What is Relational Database Model ? Relational Database Model

The above picture clearly defines

  • The organizing principle in a relational database is the table, a tabular arrangement of data values:
    • A table is called a relation.
    • The row (or record) in the table is called a tuple.
    • The column (or field) is called an attribute.
    • The number of tuples is called the cardinality
    • The number of attributes is called the degree of the table.

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